June 9th, 2010 by Falcon Electricity

Falcon Electricity Power produces and offers electric energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus as well as to private enterprises. Our objective is the provision of electric energy to both private individuals as well as companies in a much lower cost.

Our company has already ensured all legal authorizations from both governmental and environmental services for the production of electric energy without any restrictions. The electric energy is produced by biomass where motor generator units as well as solar power stations are used.

In general, biomass is defined as any material that has biological (organic) origin, constitutes a bound and stored form of solar energy and results from the photosynthetic activity of plant organisms. Biomass can be used as fuel to produce energy and constitutes an important, inexhaustible and environmentally-friendly source of energy, which can significantly contribute to energy sufficiency, replacing the constantly exhausted supplies of mining fuels (oil, coal, natural gas etc.)

Certain environmental advantages regarding the use of biomass are that the combustion of biomass does not involve any carbon dioxide (CO2) and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Furthermore, the inconsequential existence of sulfur in biomass, considerably contributes in restricting the emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) which is responsible for acid rain.

The electric energy that is produced by our company, is delivered to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus where via the Governmental Energy Transmission Operator, is directed to various companies.

Falcon Electricity Power’s experienced personnel as well as the ultramodern technology that we use, render the company as the only autonomous institution in Cyprus that can produce and offer electric energy.