Welcome to Falcon Electricity Power

June 9th, 2010 by Falcon Electricity

Our company was established with the objective of producing and distributing electric energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Cyprus. Falcon Electricity Power conducts all necessary environmental and techno-economical studies regarding the production of electric energy from RES.

Our company has already proceeded to the manufacture of electric energy production units who will be using RES (biomass 3000 kW) in the region of Vasilikos, where we also supply the local cement production industry of Vasilikos. The company has also manufactured electric energy production units from RES (biomass) in the region of Eftagonia.

The specific unit will be connected and paralleled with the electric energy distribution network of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus. With this unit, our company will produce around 1000 kW energy in Eftagonia while the units work with electrical power generators, each one producing 500 kW of energy.


Falcon Electricity Power Ltd. intends to manufacture a 500kW Aeolian park in an extended 10,000 square metres land which it has already purchased in Eftagonia. The company has already purchased this property and is currently at the stage of constructions and of obtaining the relevant production licenses. We have also proceeded with the purchase of a specific piece of property in a relevant area, which, after further studies, has been found suitable and cost-effective for the installation of wind generators that will produce 500 kW energy.

In the future, our company will proceed with contracting more agreements with customers for the provision of electric energy to private companies. The company aims at expanding its distribution of electric energy throughout Cyprus while more than 20 industries have already selected the company for their needs in electric energy.